In August of 2008 my Mom went in for her annual mammogram. Six hours later our family received the news that she likely had breast cancer. That diagnosis was confirmed a couple of weeks later and our family began the journey of living with breast cancer.

During the time that my Mom received treatment I made fleece lap blankets for others that were receiving treatment. It meant a lot to me when I heard from people that enjoyed the blankets. Each time that my Mom went for treatment I noticed she would take a bag of items with her that brought her comfort through her treatments. It made the time sitting in the chemo chair more comfortable for her. When I would visit my mom I noticed some of the patients arrived for their treatment alone with no support from friends or family. Many of them would go through their treatment alone with nothing more than a blanket and a book. I wanted to give what my mom had with her bag to everyone going through chemotherapy.

I created Matt’s Chemo Bags to give women  going through chemotherapy a bag of comforting items to help them with their journey. I hope that the items in the bag help to make you more comfortable during this anxious time.

My Mom received amazing care from her physicians and nurses and our family is happy to say she is recovering well. This bag is my way of Paying it Forward for all of the wonderful care my Mom received.